2012 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits

Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii June 12-15

Announcements for the 2012 Symposia

  • April 2012
    The 2012 Press Kit is now available. Click here for the press kit

  • March 2012
    Advance program published (Technology / Circuits)

  • October 2011
    Call for Papers available (Technology / Circuits)

  • September 2011
    Symposia decide to offer joint Technology/Circuits focus sessions for the first time in 2012, to facilitate synergistic interactions among participants in areas of joint interest.
The Symposia on VLSI in the News
  • 2012

  • Intel to Present on 22-nm Tri-gate Technology (Electro IQ)
    Imec to present resistive RAM papers (EE Herald)
    VLSI confab brings technology, circuits to the fore (eetimes)
    Attend joint sessions at VLSI Technology and Circuits (Electro IQ)
  • 2011

  • VLSI confabs call for mutual interest topics (eetimes)
    Rambus details memory clocking approach (eetimes)
    Noninvasive Brain Implant Could Someday Translate Thoughts Into Movement (Science Daily)
    NEC, university make CAM-on-MRAM progress (EDN)

  • 2010

  • Intel moves forward with floating-body R&D (eetimes)
    Macronix paves the way for 3-D flash (eetimes)

  • 2009

  • Report from the VLSI Symposium: Less spirited, still informative (Electro IQ)

  • 2008

  • Report from VLSI Symposium: Planar CMOS to 22nm, at most (Electro IQ)
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