Welcome to the 2008 Symposium on VLSI Technology

On behalf of the organizing Committees, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 2008 Symposium on VLSI Technology which will be held from June 17-19 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Since its founding in 1982, this symposium has been one of the most prestigious international forums for the latest research and development in VLSI technology. The program committee has worked very hard this year to select 80 excellent contributed and invited papers and organized them into 21 sessions. We are delighted to have two distinguished Invited Speakers for the Plenary Session.

Dr. Mark Pinto of Applied Materials will present a talk titled: “Has the Sun Finally Risen on Photovoltaics?” and Dr. Makoto Ishida of Toyohashi University of Technology will speak on “Silicon Smart Microchips for Intelligent Sensing”.

The conference will also have three Rump Sessions on the evening of June 17 as a means to facilitate informal discussions among researchers. One is a joint session with the Symposium on VLSI Circuits which will ask the question: “Ten years after – Has SOI finally arrived?”

The other two sessions will cover specific technology related topics of current interest;

- Who will keep SRAM scaling alive by 2012: Designers or Technologists
- More than Moore – Functional Diversification

In addition, there will be a one-day Short Course on Monday June 16 which will cover “Logic Technologies for Transition from 32 nm to 22 nm”. Six distinguished researchers will discuss various aspects of deeply scaled CMOS technology. The Short Course promises to be an excellent opportunity for experienced as well as new engineers to broaden their technical base.

One of the unique strengths of the Symposium on VLSI Technology has been its close association with the Symposium on VLSI Circuits. For 2008 we will expand the synergy between the Technology and Circuits communities and implement two days of overlap with a single registration fee permitting attendees to attend both technology and circuit sessions from June 17th through Jun 20th .

The symposium registration fee covers all of the sessions including the Rump Sessions, coffee breaks, Monday night Reception and the Wednesday night joint banquet for both Circuits and Technology attendees. Registration for the Short Course is extra. The registration fees and hotel reservation schedules are detailed at the end of the Advance Program.

As in past years, we expect a strong participation of top VLSI researchers from both the industry and the academic sectors. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s exciting Symposium in Honolulu.

Charles Dennison

Masaaki Niwa
Program Chair Program Co-Chair

To download a PDF of the Technology Program - click here


Sunday, June 15


Monday, June 16 7:30a-5:00p Registration
8:10a-5:15p Short Course
6:00p-8:00p Reception
Tuesday, June 17 7:30a-5:00p Registration
8:20a-10:05a Session 1 Opening and Plenary Session
10:20a-12:00p Session 2 FinFET and Multi-Gate MOSFETs
Session 3 Advanced Junction Technology I
1:30p-3:10p Session 4 Nanowire FETs
Session 5 High-k / Metal Gate Stack
3:25p-5:05pSession 6 Ge MOSFETs
Session 7 High-k / Metal Gate Reliability
8:00p-10:00p Rump Sessions
Wednesday, June 18 7:30a-5:00p Registration
8:30a-10:10aCircuits Session 1 Circuits Opening and Plenary Session
Session 8 Gate Stack Reliability
10:25a-12:05pSession 9 Highlights
1:30p-3:10pSession 10 Alternate Non Volatile Memory Technology
Session 11 Advanced Process Technology
3:25p-5:05pSession 12 NAND Flash Memory
Session 13 High-k / Metal Gate and Strain
7:00p-9:00p Joint Technology/Circuits Banquet
Thursday, June 19 8:00a-5:00p Registration
8:30a-10:10aSession 14 Trapped Charge NVM
Session 15 Advanced CMOS
10:25a-12:05pSession 16 Variation
Session 17 Advanced SOI
1:30p-3:10pSession 18 Performance Enhanced CMOS
Session 19 Advanced Junction Technology
3:25p-5:05p Session 20 CMOS Imager and Novel Memory
Session 21 High Mobility Devices